Other Services

Web sites are by their very nature, graphical interfaces between you and anyone viewing the site. The use of color and contrast is an important graphic element in making your site stand out.

Photographs and other graphic media often need manipulation to make them suitable for use on a web site. We offer scanning services to convert your photographs and other graphic media and will optimize them to make them properly sized and quick loading on the site.

We would be happy to collaborate with you in developing basic web graphics, such as navigation buttons, and site layouts that provide a 'look and feel' that is the image that you present to the on line world.

We also have a range of stock menu buttons and site templates that you might want to use. Royalty free and Creative Commons images and photos are another graphics source we can help you with. We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

We can also discuss with you options for using open source software, such as graphics editors, PDF file software, FTP software for uploading your pages, and even word processing and other office software.